N95 Cup Mask

 N95 Cup Face Mask

N95 Cup Mask Pack of 10 pieces

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The N95 cup face mask stops over 95% of viruses, bacteria. It provides an effective protective barrier against pollution, toxins, dust, and liquid droplets in the air. This unisex mask consists of five layers with an ultrasonically welded head loop or ear loop. Every N95 cup respirator has a cushioning nose foam and an adjustable nose clip to provide a custom fit and secure seal.

This mask is light in weight which promotes greater user acceptance and increases overall wear time. It has good durability that makes it good enough for hot/dusty work settings. Buying N95 cup mask online from Rhysley comes with reliability of safety and best price.

Product NameN95 Cup Mask
Product FeatureNon-woven, five-layered, melt-blown fabric fabric filter, nose pin, protection against all kinds of pollutants and toxins; designed to provide excellent protection
ShapeCup-Shaped with Elastic Strap
ProtectionProtect from germs, chemicals, dust particles, fluids, etc.
Filtration Efficiency95% of bacteria filtration efficiency
ApplicationIdeal protection from harmful dust, pollen allergies, bacteria, and virus. Prevents internal air leakage


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