N95 Face Masks With Valve

N95 Face Masks With Valve

N95 Face Mask Pack of 10 pieces

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The Rhysley Particulate Respirator N95 Face Mask is more than 95% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) with multiple layers of protection against pollutants and toxins. The mask comes with a breathing valve which makes sure that it does not suffocate you. It also has an adjustable nose clip that offers maximum comfort.

It is designed to provide you with reliable respiratory protection. It is an ideal choice against dust, odour, pollen, and toxins. It has special filters that have an extended dust holding capacity, ensuring that the mask has a longer shelf life.

The adjustable nose clip helps the mask fit the face properly, eliminating the chance of leakage. The respirator provides additional protection from dust and liquid droplets in the air. The N95 mask is ideal for both men and women.

Product NameN95 Face Masks With Valve
Product Specification5 layer extra soft non-woven material with breathing valve, designed to provide comfort and excellent protection
Product FeatureNon-woven, 5 layered, melt-blown fabric filter & breathing valve, protection against all kinds of pollutants and toxins
ProtectionProtect from germs, chemicals, dust particles, fluids, etc.
Filtration Efficiency95% bacteria filtration efficiency
ApplicationIdeal protection from harmful dust, pollen allergies, bacteria and virus. Avoid leakage of air inside
Anti Bacteria
Dust/Fine Particles
Comfortable Wearing Design
Isolate Pollution
5X Layer Protection
Good Breathability
Fine Materials

Fitting Instructions

1. Unfold the mask and face the concave of the mask so that the nose clip is above the mask.

2. Pull-on the earloop and place the bottom of the mask against your chin to cover your mouth and nose.

3. Pull each earloop over the ears and adjust the mask on your face as per your comfort.

4. Press the nose clip on both sides of the nose until they are completely pressed into the shape of the nose bridge.


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