N95 Pollution Mask with Valve

 N95 Pollution Mask

N95 Pollution Mask with Valve Pack of 10 pieces

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The N95 valved face mask from Rhysley provides suitable protection against pollutants present in air. It has been proved in tests that the mask filters out 95% of harmful air particles or germs, allowing you to breathe in good air. The mask comes with a valve which is aerodynamically designed to allow filtered air to come in and easy exhalation.

Key Features

  • Provides 5 layered protection against air pollution causing particles, dust, pollens, molds, dust and even bacteria and viruses.
  • Easy and comfortable to wear as it comes with two head loops and an adjuster
  • Comes with a nose clip which can be adjusted to fit snuggly on the nose
  • Has a respirator valve for easy breathing by filtering out pollutants and due to its aerodynamic design.

This mask ideal to wear in situations where there is problem of pollution or when you are allergic to air borne particles, pollens, dust or microbes. The protection it provides keeps your respiratory system free from diseases. Buy the N95 pollution mask online here at Rhysley and rest assured of total safety from harmful air pollutants.

Product NameN95 Pollution Mask With Valve
Product FeatureNon-woven, five-layered, melt-blown fabric fabric filter, nose pin, protection against all kinds of pollutants and toxins; designed to provide excellent protection
ShapeCup-Shaped with Elastic Strap
ProtectionProtect from germs, chemicals, dust particles, fluids, etc.
Filtration Efficiency95% of bacteria filtration efficiency
ApplicationIdeal protection from harmful dust, pollen allergies, bacteria, and virus. Prevents internal air leakage


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