Packaging Machine

The automatic packaging machine is widely used in the packaging of face masks and any other different sizes of products. It is consists of a film cutting machine and a shrink machine two parts. The machine works with detection photoelectric, horizontal, and vertical sealing knife adopt whole connecting without a gap, the film won't break. Machine use POF film or any other industry standard heat sealing films. Computerized dual-frequency converter control, the bag length can be set and cut immediately, save time and film. Fault self-diagnosis function, the fault display clearly at a glance. Independent PID control of temperature, suitable for various packaging materials.

Packing Bag Length 280-380MM
Packing Bag Width 60~160mm
Product Height Max.50mm
Film Roll Diameter Max.320mm
Packing Speed 40~230 Pc/min
Voltage 220V,50/60HZ,2.8KVA
Machine Dimension 4020×720×1320mm
N.W. 900Kg


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