PPE Products


Germiclean Hygienic Formula is an alcohol-based antiseptic hand rub for hand hygiene. Disinfection can be carried out anywhere independently without soap, water, and sterile towel in all areas where hand hygiene is very important such as wards sanitation areas ambulances laboratories medical practices ...

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Disposable Caps

The Disposable Surgeons' Cap is manufactured using high quality raw material. It is light in weight and is widely used by doctors in operation theatres . The Disposable Surgeons' Cap is available in the packing of 100 caps per pack ...

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Disposable Shoe Covers

The Disposable Shoe Cover is meant for use in hospitals, clinics and laboratories for maintaining the desired hygiene standards. The shoe cover features seamless finish and is rust resistant. The shoe cover is cost-effective, eco friendly and easily disposable

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Disposable Gloves

The Disposable Gloves are sterile, powder-free and made of natural rubber material. The surface is micro roughened to facilitate better instrument gripping. These are available in off white color. These gloves are available in all sizes and come in a standard packing of 50 pairs per box.

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Surgical Gowns

The Disposable Gown is manufactured using high quality non-woven/ laminated/ SMS materials. It is widely used by doctors and lab professionals. The gown is light and durable and is available in free size. The gown is Spun Bound and is available in Blue and Green colours

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Protective Glasses

The Safety Protective Glasses are adjustable and are light in weight. The goggles have an attractive design and are durable with zero power. The scratch-resistant goggles are available in Transparent and Black colors. They come in a standard packing of 12 goggles per pack

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PPE Kits

This kit includes the personal protection equipment (PPE) recommended by the CDC for EMS workers for most situations when treating a patient with a suspected case of Corona.

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