In-house Testing Lab

Testing is The Touchstone of Quality

Lab Equipments

Colour Matching Cabinet

Colour matching cabinet plays a vital role in ensuring colour consistency in a production run. It is equipped with lights of best industrial standards to point out even minor colour variations in samples.

GSM Cutter

It is used to determine the grams per square meter of a piece of fabric, which defined its weight. It cuts the fabric in pre-specified circular shape in 100 square cm area. The cut fabric is then weighed on a scale to know the weight.

GSM Meter

It is used to measure the weight of the fabric cut with the help of cutter. An important equipment to ensure that fabric of right weight is used in the production process. It has precision level of micrograms, giving great level of accuracy.

Height Gauge

This is a key instrument to check the height of the products, say cup masks, to ensure that these are of consistent height. The equipment measures precise thickness of the products with high accuracy levels.

Moisture Testing

Regular and periodic testing of moisture is pertinent to ensure that it is not present beyond permissible limits, as per international standards. This equipment is useful to prevent damage to products arising due to moisture at every step.

Hot Air Oven Machine

Nose pin is vital to ensure proper fit of the mask. The machine is used to test whether nose pin of the masks gets peeled off at high temperatures. This quality of nose pin and of the mechanism of its attachment to the mask is checked with this oven.

Tensile Meter

This is used to test the elasticity of the earloops which are made of elastic. This way we ensure that earloop material of given tensile strength is procured and used in production.

Vernier Caliper

Used to measure with precision the depth, inside, outside and step measurements of an object, this equipment is used to measure dimensions of products to ensure consistency.

We set HIGH BENCHMARKS for Testing

We TEST At Every STEP of Process

  • Procurement

    Checking quality of
    raw materials

  • Production

    Checking quality of
    in-process production

  • Shipping

    Before packaging for shipment, final
    checks on product are performed